About Us

Phronesis is a multi-disciplinary practise offering our clients specialised individual attention and solutions required by an ever-changing project environment. Phronesis perceives teamwork as the key success element, wherein, the overall project manager is duty-bound to ensure efficient and regular communication with all the stakeholders, at all levels.

We believe in a hands-on approach on all projects  with control of the key functions on the projects. Phronesis is equipped with the state of the art Technology and matching Human Resource, to ensure that impeccable and exquisite professional service is provided at all times.


Our Mission : ‘Strive for Excellence’ and offer exceptional service in each of our professional disciplines, in accordance with statutory practices, codes of conduct and integrity, thereby, establish our team to provide leading platform and service our valued Clients.

Digital 360


Our Vision : to equip our multi-disciplinary specialists to provide a broad spectrum of Cyber Security, Information Technology and IT Infrastructure Management Consulting, Corporate Communication services through excellence and efficiency in all aspects of the project life cycle, so that we become our esteemed Clients’ preferred Professional Service Provider (PSP) choice. Whether it is a Cyber Security project, IT Infrastructure project, implementation of a project management system or programme management of a multi-faceted initiative, Phronesis is a leading practice that will exceed expectations and set new standards of excellence.


Brigadier Ram Chhillar

Bar to SM, VSM (Retd.)

Brigadier Ram Chhillar, voluntarily retired from service in Sep 2014. He has over 32 years of experience in some of most demanding and high profile Military Intelligence assignments, mandated to plan and execute comprehensive security solutions in both the Operational as well as Proxy War Domains. He was serving as the Director of Intelligence in a Counter Terrorism environment in Kashmir, when he was handpicked as the Chief of Trans-Frontier Intelligence Operations to supervise the proactive acquisition operations in Cyber as well as HUMINT domains.

The Brigadier is immensely experienced in planning and implementation of comprehensive security solutions and public relations.

He is considered the best in the business and had been repeatedly acknowledged by the senior most hierarchy of the Indian Army and the government’s security apparatus with Medals of bravery and distinguished services, almost in every Military Intelligence assignment tenanted by him, a rare distinction.

Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Miranda


Lt Col Bryan Miranda is 1997 Batch commissioned officer of the Indian Army. He has served with the Corps of Engineers and later transitioned to the Intelligence Corps. An engineering graduate from the University of Madras who has held various leadership, staff, training and administrative appointments in his seventeen years of illustrious service in the Armed Forces. He was also part of the National Security Guard (Black Cat Commandos), the elite federal contingency task force of the Government of India.

A security specialist with over 21 years of experience in the areas of Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Information Warfare, Intelligence Acquisition, Counter Intelligence, Prophylactic Security, Design & Deployment of Security Systems, Planning and Strategy.

He has served in the most sensitive appointment of Team Manager, Cyber Intelligence Acquisitions for the Military Intelligence. He holds various certifications in Offensive Security, Cyber Forensics, Cryptography & Information Warfare.