Value Added Services

Data Leakage Prevention

Phronesis assists companies in conducting internal investigations to help secure them from the dangers of data leakage. We swiftly zero in on employees who might have leaked vital information through social media or other channels of distribution. We provide our clients with  a strategic map for dealing with crises in the most efficient and informed ways as we understand how such instances can damage your reputation and credentials.


Employee Monitoring

Through meticulous studies of browser and application activity and undetected monitoring of Internet searches, outgoing communication channels and USB devices used by your employees we are able to give you a precise analysis report detailing their online behaviour patterns. You will gain full insight to the types of websites, articles and videos being sought out by your staff and know the exact amount of time spent on unauthorised and unproductive pursuits.

Employee Forensics

Malicious activity and unlawful information theft can be tracked right to its source through a digital trail only our team of expert cyber forensic investigators can uncover. You will receive an in-depth analysis of every malicious activity conducted by your employees, right down to the exact channels they resorted to, all with the help of our efficient tools and skills.


Secure Communication

We provide trusted solutions which safeguard your communication channels and operating systems without changing its interface or usability while giving you maximum control and security over mobile phones, voice and messaging systems. All of this is done paying strict accordance to lawful methods of securing communication pathways between one device to another.

We have the optimal shield for Secure Instant Messaging (IM) Secure Voice of (VoIP) Call and Secure Video Call that will make sure no one can infiltrate your conversations. End-to-end encryption guards all your text messages while you can stay assured that none of your voice calls are being tapped against your knowledge.

» Android/ iOS/ Blackberry

» Encryption

» Voice Communication

» Messaging



Data Recovery Services

Data is the most valuable asset in the digital world. Information can be lost or corrupted by various means, damaging your operations and credibility. We can help you recover or repair your lost data using accurate Data Recovery Services in the case of hardware failure or logical failure in storage devices.

We offer a varied set of recovery services to help you quickly recover from data loss events. Our services include: