What We Know About The Petya-NotPetya-PetrWrap Ransomware Attack

The digital world has been hit by another ransomware epidemic, similar to the Wanna Cry attack, and it is using similar tools to crash your computer files. While the attack was first reported by a Ukraine company MeDoc, it has now spread to many US and European countries. The threat caused by this attack is […]

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Increase your conversion rate

3 Assured Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate With Great Offers

If you want to increase your conversion rate, it will require a lot more strategy and execution than just changing a few colours or fonts for better visibility. The audience is constantly looking for brands that add value to their lives and this can be done exceptionally well with the help of sustainable offers. One of the most promising ways to create brand awareness in the digital space and get customers to click on your links is to offer something of value to them.

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