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Why Cyber Security is Important for Digital India

With over 320 billion online users and mobile penetration at a projected high of 215 million, there is not a more appropriate time to worry about cyber security.

Prime Minister in a recent address at Digital India said, “one click can change a lot of things”, and rightly so, as more and more enterprises, businesses, and individuals are faced with the risk of leaking important information with the world going digital with each passing day.

A digitally empowered economy benefits from:

  • Improved access of information
  • E-governance
  • Services on demand

Businesses are also on the other hand looking to obtain timely and relevant information which will help them to draw correct inferences and be able to get ahead in business development and stay on top of competition. Obtaining an edge in the information world depends on due diligence and in-depth mining of the vast data troves, to reduce financial risks and uncertainty.

It is important to understand the direct proportion in which data is connected to the number of people using the service.

Also, with most businesses having moved over the cloud, they have started depending on the security plugs being provided by service providers. A tightened need to secure individual infrastructure with IoT has come to play.

Companies such as Phronesis, is well-equipped to handle these risks with the robust defense systems. Reach out to find detailed risk analysis with actionable recommendations for your business. Contact here for more details.

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